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Starting at an early age (okay, maybe not THAT early) B SHAWN CLARK indulged an abiding passion for creativity.  As a young man Clark began by writing short stories, poetry and prose.  He continued with creative writing in his spare time from his day job (as a lawyer) during the course of which, ironically enough, he became a prolific writer of legal briefs, the substance of which found their way into several published opinions of the courts.  In 2013 he took up residence in a self-styled “Man Cave” in a wooded area along Gottfried Creek in the sleepy seaside town of Englewood, Florida, where he is surrounded by nature and his beloved wildlife (not counting those rowdy kids next door).  There he is intent on reprising the role of Thoreau, creating a new genre of literary work by a life-long author trapped in the body of a lawyer.

Author Website:  BShawnClark.com

Works by Mr. Clark:


Red Wolfe


Meet Me in Casadega
Path to Enlightenment
The Great Escape